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Best Answers to Promotion Interview Questions 

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Best Answers to Promotion Interview Questions 

After all the hard work and dedication at work, no effort is left unseen because the best reward is here, a well-deserved promotion. Knowing you are a candidate for promotion is a prize so near yet so far since you need to pass a series of tests and interviews before you achieved your dream promotion.  

If you are looking for ways on how to ace the interview, you should continue reading this article. As you read along, we will give you the top promotion interview questions and we will guide you on how to answer it well. We will also give you some tips on how to prepare for a promotion interview.  

Promotion interviews are conducted to evaluate and know if the in-house applicants are capable of the new and higher position in the company. A new job role is open for qualified in house applicants. Promotions mean higher position, higher salary, benefits along with new responsibilities in the same or in a new department. This is a rewarding process for the employees with exemplary performance in the company. Although the promotion officer knows you already since you have been working for a while in the company, a promotion interview is a must as part of the comprehensive assessment. Whether you are the only promotable candidate for the position or there is a shortlist, preparation is an indispensable requirement for a promotion interview.  

There are at least five to prepare for the interview. Why do you need to prepare in the first place? You need to prepare because you need to ensure the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job and you can only show this in a well-organized manner if you are prepared.  

First, open up your promotion to your immediate supervisors like your manager or team leader. Informing your immediate supervisor is a courtesy because matters such as promotions should come from you and not from other people. You should inform him of your decision so that you would know what they think about it. This is also your chance to hear their feedback and valuable words of wisdom about this decision which you can use in answering the promotion questions. Second, research the job description of the new position. Make sure that you possess all the qualifications and highlight that you are good at the core skills needed for the position. Third, expect the criticisms and prepare how to manage your weaknesses. At least when you are criticized, you can handle it calmly during the interview because you are prepared. Fourth, highlight your accomplishments. Come up with a list of your best accomplishments in your current position. Prepare a well-delivered recollection on how did you do it and how did it helped the company to what it is today, Fifth and last, give them the reason why you are the best for the new position. Differentiate yourself from any other candidates. If you have other accomplishments outside the company that is connected with the position, mention it. Make sure that you will stand out from the rest.  

Here are some supplementary tips for promotion interviews:

Let’s move on to the next set of preparations. We will guide you on how to ace the interview by giving you the top five most common promotion questions. Remember, preparing how to answer these questions is not just a way to build your confidence but this is also preparing to win.  

Here are the top 5 most common promotion interview questions: 

  1. Why do you want this position?
  2. Why should we promote you?
  3. What do you know about this position?
  4. What will you do if you do not get this promotion?
  5. If you will be promoted, what do you want to accomplish next year?





Why do you want this position? 

This question is asked to assess your attitude towards the new position. Thus, make sure you will highlight all your positive attitudes in handling new things. Tell them what you can do and how do you work out on things you do not know. Tell them your experiences in your current position and how you contributed success in the company. 

Why should we promote you? 

The interviewer wants to know how confident you are for the new position. Hence, you should give them a clear and exact reason why they should promote you. Answer this by telling your accomplishments and awards in the company. Highlight also your unique skills that will be of great help for the new position.  

What will you do if you do not get this promotion? 

This is an uncomfortable question to answer, so maintain your composure because the interviewee is keen on your gestures. Stay calm and be professional because this is just a question. DO not give in to the trick. Answer calmly and begin with the idea of seeing how the good in rejections like saying that if you are not promoted then there should be other things you need to learn and just try again next time. Tell them that whether you will get promoted or not, you will stay in the company.  


What will you do if you are passed over a promotion? Check this out: 

If you will be promoted, what do you want to accomplish next year? 

This is the best time to show them what you’ve got. Answer these questions through your experiences in your current position. Tell them your expectations and level of your skills. In these questions, the interviewer wants to know your personal and career goal. Your answer depends on your industry and always match your goals to your aspired position.  

Promotion interview is not an ordinary interview as it is so much is at stake in here like a new position, higher salary, new responsibilities, and new goals. Preparing for a promotion interview is an important step to success. When you prepare you will be confident in answering questions and you can convey all the things you want to tell them. Since a promotion interview is inevitable in career advancement, you should do your best in it. A chance to be included in the shortlist is not given to everyone in the company. 

Promotion interview answers do not need to belong and scripted. Actually, simultaneous and short answers are more encouraged. What matters is that your answers are correct and clear. Just be truthful in all your answers and be realistic in your goals. When the day for promotion interview comes, make sure you are done with all the preparations, dress up and whatever happens, maintain professionalism and confidence. If you did not get the promotion, be still because for sure a better opportunity is coming on its way.  


Written by Ariane Negishi

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