Building Business Development Skills in 5 Ways 

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Building Business Development Skills in 5 Ways 

Business is a broad arena attended by different industries. Its trends change from time to time and if you have one, you should adapt to survive. Fortune 500 companies evolve, survive, and succeed up to the present through developing long-term methods that develop their business as a whole. This is the concept of business development, wherein a company is identifying all the factors to be developed in order to sustain the demands of the relationships, market, and customers with the main objective of growing the business each year. This is done in many ways and it requires excellent business development skills to come up with strategies for success.  

Business development is not just selling and earning. It is different from sales, as to roles and tasks. Although it shares the same goal of bringing money in the company, business development is the behind the scene struggles of sales. Business development is the core idea that holds the company’s ways, solutions, and innovations to bring the business effectively in the market. It touches all the aspects of the business from people to products. It works more on the capital than the direct customers. The reason why business development is greatly valued because it gives the company the opportunity to expand and develop. Developing long term plans ensures its sustainability in all its undertakings leading no other way but progress.   

The business development position is now one of the most in-demand posts in the business sector. The competition in different industries is tough. Hence, there is a need to evaluate the company’s performance, identify the areas that need improvement, and develop the company’s business model to achieve the desired goals. Improvements can be made if different sectors. It can start from the relationship with allies and partners and channel different growth opportunities. With all these things, being a business development professional would lead you into a successful and fulfilling career path.  

The degree needed in this profession varies in the industry you are into. The business development job description is in need of skills and experience in business management, sales, and marketing. Skills such as data analysis, project management, negotiation, and public speaking are also needed along the way. In our article today, we will help you build these sets of skills to increase your chance of making your way to the profession and build a successful career out of it.  

If you are ready to take your career into a new level, here are the skills that you need to highlight in your resume and interviews:  

  1. Business Intelligence Skills
  2. Communications Skills
  3. Marketing Skills
  4. Project Management Skills
  5. Sales Skills

Business intelligence skills 

This is the skill of understanding the market as a whole, wherein one can arrive with insights, able to see the trends and patterns in the market. In the field of business development, having this kind of skill is an edge. One should be able to know the need of the business and come up with a solution supported by research to gain a better view of how to compete with other companies and capture the target market. Building these skills involves extensive research skills that require you to collect and analyze data. You need to study markets, impacts of campaigns, and consumer behavior.  

Communication skills 

If you want to succeed in this field knowledge is not enough because business communication plays a great role. Communication skills are a must-have in any profession and in this field, it is a major skill to have. This includes oral and written communication as being a business developer, you need to write proposals and explain this to your clients. You should be intelligent, confident, and people-smart because you are looking for a long-term deal here with potential markets.  

Now, provided you have these communication skills you should be able to use this to build the business through negotiations. Negotiations are one of the core components in business development as through this, you will be able to get clients, maintain them in your company, and even expand with them. Hence, to build this skill, think creatively, prioritize the needs and wants of the company, and decide wisely. There is no way to improve but to practice and try giving presentations and negotiating business proposals.  

Make it better, watch this: 

Marketing skills 

Marketing is the unique skill of promoting your brand in a very creative way. In business development and marketing, the developer and sales team work hand in hand to achieve a common goal, which is to expand the company and make it grow. In marketing, you need to make an effective campaign to offer your product to the public. Thus, this skill is badly needed if you want to be a business development professional because promoting the brand effectively means more sales to the company.  

Master this skill, professionally: 

Project management skills 

In this field, you need to come up with a project to test your developed techniques and strategies. A plan will remain a plan unless you implement it and in order to implement it well, you need to have good project management skills. This includes managing resources from financial to human resources. This will unveil your leadership skills in managing people and creating a very good team to carry out your business project. This means you are good at managing risk, resolving conflicts, and assessing performance.  

Sales skills

The only way to evaluate how effective your business plans and projects is through the outcome of numbers in the sales report. High sales are achieved in different ways. It could start with proposals, presentations, offers, and agreements. You could also directly sell in a physical store or online. That is why you need to know where, whoa, and how you will sell the products to acquire customers and grow your business.  

In sales, there are other skills you need to develop to be very good at it. You need to work on how to prospect people, use a sales program, come up with a management plan, and nurture a relationship not just to clients but also to all business links.  

Being in the business development field indeed requires specific yet could-be-learned skills. These skills if worked hard together will bring you into a complex yet satisfying career of making ideas work, handling people, growing business, and creating success in the long run.  

There is no shortcut to success but there could be a faster way to get there, be a business development professional. Be someone who learns from the past, works in the present, and ensure the future. Come up with long-term business plans, implement effective strategies, and reap high sales with all these skills. What are you waiting for, build them now! 


Written by Ariane Negishi

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