When to Start Looking for a New Job?

There are many indicators that may tell you it’s time to start looking for a new job. In this article, we’ll discuss a few situations that might be a sign that your time at that company you work at is up.

Manager Harassment

We all have suffered from some form of harassment from our jobs at some point in our lives. Whether it be calling us in the middle of a vacation to cover for a no call, no show, or whether your manager was berating you for something that wasn’t your fault – we’ve all been there. You want to work at a company that respects its employees. Your time out is yours to spend as you wish – no manager should ever call you for covering up for someone who didn’t show up, that’s an upper management problem about lack of human resources. This is one of the first signs that you’re at a company that does not respect you. If they respected you, they’d leave your time out for you to enjoy as you wish, not call you to cover for someone they hired themselves.

Your Company Is Understaffed

If, however, being called to cover for someone else is a common situation, this is a sign you should write your notice. An understaffed company will never change. If your managers think they can get away with having fewer employees than they should, they’ll try it and see how long you last. If you feel like you can’t have a day off without being called to cover for someone else, or your shifts are frequently understaffed for the number of customers you’re having, then it’s no use to try and stick it out. You’ll probably find yourself covering for everyone’s shifts because you’re the only employee that’s reliable.

Fast Turnaround Between Employees

This is a huge red flag in any job you might have. If people keep leaving, you might ask yourself why are they doing so. You’ll probably find the answer in low benefits or harassment from the upper levels. If a company keeps on hiring new employees and they walk away, it’s no good for you either. You might have lasted more than the average employee, but what did you have to sacrifice for that? A good working environment? Gaslighting from your upper management? Your days off? If new people keep showing up at your job site, it’s not a good sign. It means that the benefits the company offers are not good enough to keep people working for them. Should they be enough for keeping you working there?

No Raises for Anyone

If you’re at a company where someone says they’ve been doing the same job for ten years, run for your life. This means this company does not pay attention to their employees’ needs. Your position will never change, which seems comfortable at first, but when you start to think about it, do you want to do the same thing over and over until you retire? You probably don’t. If a company does not offer pay raises or management positions to people that you know are working hard, it’s a huge red flag for you to keep working there. If they didn’t change other people’s tasks while working there for many years, will they change yours? After all, nobody likes the feeling of being stuck in their career. We all want to progress and notice some change in our lives.

These are the most tell-tale signs you’re not working at the right place. Other signs could be seen – like satisfaction among employees who have been there for a while, among many others. This article is just meant to be a warning against red flags that might have been going on at your workplace for a while that you might not have noticed. After all, when we invest the best years of our lives into a company, we want to make it work: but, sometimes, the answer is to deliver your notice and start looking for a new job elsewhere that will make you happy. Most of us are afraid of change, but we should always strive for what’s best for us, even if it goes against what’s best for the company we’re employed at.

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